Resuscitate a puppy trapped in a burning house

    Resuscitate a puppy trapped in a burning house

    It is commonly believed that firefighters are angels in reflective suits, but the story that comes from the United States of this firefighter who rescued a drunk puppy is circulating on the web.

    The firefighter salutes the dog
    Firefighter (Image via Canva –

    when it comes to b to save Who is in trouble Firefighters do not distinguish between those who walk with their feet and those who walk with their feet. Over the past few years, thanks to the proliferation of social networks, great little acts of extreme bravery by firefighters around the world have become a small positive trend in the sea of ​​bad news that often fills social networks. The last chronological story happened not long ago in an area los Angeles Especially in the Florence area.

    In fact, a team of firefighters was called to put out a fire that broke out in one of the many homes in the area. The call came in around midnight and The whole house was filled with thick smoke. Firefighters intervened immediately, and a member of the medical unit took care of the little boy who was found near the front door, unconscious due to smoke poisoning.

    A small gesture of great value

    You might think so Saves the dog’s life It is something you do not need to do. After all, firefighters are trained to save lives. Or at least that would lead one to think. but in fact family Often it does not consist only of people. And this gesture shows the team of firefighters who also did their best to save the life of the little dog from the family members affected by the fire, All spirits are the same.

    Firefighters rescue a puppy
    Firefighter at work (Image via Canva –

    The scene was also immortalized by some of the TV soldiers on the scene as the firefighters worked to open the door to the house. In particular, this fire medic was shown during Give the dog oxygen lying on one side. The pup soon recovered thanks to the work of the firefighter and was then returned to the human family.

    Race of Champions

    Policemen resuscitate the dog
    Firefighters resuscitate a puppy (Photo from YouTube –

    The incident reported by the American media that took place in Florence County in Los Angeles also reminds us Another episode Happened a few years ago in the Santa Monica area where a paramedic removed another puppy from a burning home, but in the absence of oxygen administration equipment, March mouth to mouth resuscitation to the animal by literally bringing it back to life.

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