Restructuring loan: what is it and how does it work?

    Restructuring loan: what is it and how does it work?

    For all those who intend to make renovations but do not have immediate liquidity, it is possible to apply for a dedicated loan called a restructuring loan. Let’s see how to apply for it without losing the right to benefits.


    What is a restructuring loan and how does it work? The purpose of this particular product is financing Energy efficiency or building redevelopment interventions What you need to do. The origin of this particular type of mortgage is to help those who intend to do restructuring.

    Restructuring loan: how does it work?

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    Let’s see first How does a restructuring loan work and when should it be applied for?. This type of loan can only be requested when repair work needs to be carried out and not for the purchase of buildings. You are allowed to deduct a maximum of 19% of the interest paid 2582.25 euros. Renovation work shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the municipality.

    What are the special cases?

    The possibility of applying for a renewal loan is only excluded for any interventions carried out on Buy the property in its raw condition. Taxpayers can also apply for an exemption to build and renovate a rural building that will be used as the primary residence for the outright farmer.

    Restructuring mortgage deductions: who is entitled to them?

    Now let’s see who is entitled to deduct the restructuring loan. This will be up to the applicant Signing the loan agreement which will have Possession of the real estate unit by right of ownership or any other real estate right. The person concerned and his family members must be habitual residents of the property.

    What are the required documents?

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    Now let’s see what documents are needed to apply for a restructuring loan. Deals in detail with:

    • Payment receipts interest expense;
    • A copy of the loan agreementwhich must prove that it has been signed to carry out restructurings;
    • A copy of the documents to be certified Cost-effective support for implementing interventions.
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