Resignation from work: after the pandemic arrives the “great resignation” of the United States

    Resignation from work: after the pandemic arrives the “great resignation” of the United States

    Psychologists and employment counselors dramatize the phenomenon of quitting work: employees seek flexibility and luxury to be able to better reconcile work and private life.

    In the world of work, quality of life is no longer secondary to economic reward. This is what emerged from the meeting on escape from work that was attended yesterday afternoon by psychologists, employment counselors and trade unionists at the Villa Genis Camoria in Camerano.

    The search for a non-competitive work environment and the right balance between professional and private life are the basis of the new phenomenon, which has clearly increased compared to the pre-Covid period.

    “The phenomenon of the ‘great resignation’, the mass resignation from work, was born in the United States, and here it was already noticed before the spread of the epidemic; after the outbreak of the disease, this trend has also increased on our continent, so much so that an in-depth analysis is necessary because in most cases the resignations take place even in the absence of A different career perspective ”explains Roberto Di Giulio, President of the Order of Employment Advisers in Ancona.

    Luxury, flexibility and benefits are among the main factors driving more and more people to look for work elsewhere. Confirming this picture, in the first nine months of 2022, more than 1.6 million voluntary resignations were registered in Italy, up 22% over the same period of the previous year.

    “From a psychological point of view, anxiety and depression are the main causes of the great flight from work, which has been increased by the pandemic; – comments Katia Marilongo, President of the Marche Psychologists’ Union, which specifies – that is why we can say that post-Covid stresses have pushed society to restart Evaluate his life by questioning his priorities; and in order for this phenomenon not to persist, it is also necessary to understand how to prevent it.

    Dr Chiara Carletti spoke with job counsellors on “Collective Resignations: The Employer’s Perspective” while psychologist Alessandro Suardi, psychologist and psychotherapist, assessed work stress, burnout and new skills. According to psychologists, it is necessary to understand the skills of workers to put them in a position to be productive by continuing to reconcile work and leisure time, so that the employed person and apprentice do not feel dissatisfied with looking for better conditions elsewhere.

    The auditorium was filled with an event organized by the Labor Counselors Union in association with the Psychologists Union at the Marches.

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