Resident Evil 4: Leon’s iconic ‘bingo’ joke was about to be replaced in a remake

    Resident Evil 4: Leon’s iconic ‘bingo’ joke was about to be replaced in a remake

    According to an anecdote told by Nick Apostolidis, American voice actor Leon S. Kennedy V Resident Evil 4 remakeCapcom was about to remove the icon from the transformation Bingo joke which the protagonist recites at the end of the intense battle in the village “But where are they going? Al bingo” (“Where does everyone go? Bingo?”, in the English version) in order to replace it with an alternative.

    Just to give some context, in the section in question, Leon finds himself fighting alone in a village surrounded by an infinite number of enemies, including an extremely powerful enemy armed with a chainsaw. Ammo is scarce so the situation quickly becomes critical for the player. Fortunately, at some point, the bell begins to ring and the villagers, as if hypnotized by her voice, begin to stop attacking Leon and leave. Confused by the situation, the protagonist specifically reads: “But where are they going? To bingo?”. Soon after, the game’s logo appeared.

    As we explained in our review, the Resident Evil 4 remake isn’t just a graphical remake of the original title released in 2005, with Capcom developers adding new elements and other mods. Among those too Film script and the lines recited by the characters.

    According to Apostolides’ words, Capcom was considering keeping the phrase bingo or replacing it with a new one.

    “A lot of those lines of dialogue—the classics—were among those that were recorded to keep in the remake or to be used as replacements,” said Apostolides. “That’s the way the scoring goes, you get a lot of variety and you see what works best in the final product. Until I played the game, or until the footage started coming out for marketing, I didn’t even know if they’d kept that joke. So I’m happy.” Very because they did, because otherwise a lot of fans would have been very disappointed.”

    The actor later claimed that the decision to keep the Bingo joke was an impulsive choice by a developer, who was not at all convinced by this proposed alternative remake.

    “They actually wrote another line instead. We did that a few times, and it just didn’t feel right, and the film director said, ‘You know what, let’s get into the bingo line. ‘” Finally they put it on.”

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