Resident Evil 4 is better on PS5 or Xbox Series X? The final comparison video reveals that

    Resident Evil 4 is better on PS5 or Xbox Series X?  The final comparison video reveals that

    Resident Evil 4 runs best on PS5 or Xbox Series X? the Compare videos The last bit of ElAnalistaDeBits reveals the truth: Sony’s console has better frame rates, especially in more demanding sequences, while Microsoft’s console offers higher resolution and therefore greater sharpness.

    The reason is clear: whether in precision mode or in performance mode, Playstation 5 employ the means dynamic resolution Instead of true 2160p, and in combination with temporal reconstruction, the result is precisely an image that is less defined.

    After a video comparison of Resident Evil 4 with and without ray tracing, at this point we imagine the discussion is closed and the winner is… the PC, provided of course you have it. Composition of several thousand euros To get the most out of this new version.

    As can be seen from this final analysis, it is confirmed that the implementation of ray tracing does not matter much apart from one scenario, so the suggestion is to deactivate the effect in order to get a few more frames … also because Neither the PS5 nor Xbox Series X was able to deliver a stable 60 FPS In all cases.

    Returning to the PC version instead, the welcome given to the game appears to be a genuinely enthusiastic one, based on the more than 140,000 contemporary players on Steam, who gave an idea of ​​what it could be. sales Game totaled to launch.

    More details, according to tradition, in our Resident Evil 4 review.

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