Researchers discover it by drone

    Researchers discover it by drone

    While a team of researchers from Curtin University in Australia rejoices in confirming the last Earth crash of asteroid 2022 AE1 A drone was used to track a meteorite that fell on Australian soilCovers a fairly large area at any given time.

    The monitoring system used by researchers is called Desert Fireball Net (DFN), uses a DJI M300 drone with a special camera to cover a large detection area in a short time, and moves based on the observations of several Australian stations. The The affected meteor was recorded by cameras again on April 1, 2021about a year ago, for a duration of 3.1 seconds: in this time period, the footage clearly shows a fireball entering the Earth’s atmosphere at a point very far from observers, located 150 kilometers and 470 kilometers from the potential point of collision with the Earth.

    Once The potential area is limited to 5.1 km2For three days, the researchers exploited a drone and artificial intelligence: while radio-controlled aircraft imaged different areas, the algorithm is powered by machine learning Divides images into 125 x 125 pixel squares and analyzes them. In the specific state of this meteorite, it was once enough, and it was not an easy task given its size.

    As you can see at the bottom of the news, The space rock is very small and weighs only 70 grams. In other words, there is not only a warning to the population but also an exceptional result of this new system “Meteorite Hunting”. Who knows if she will reap more successes in the coming months!

    In the meantime, today we also talked in detail about an asteroid that created more than 30 craters on Earth.

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