Home sport Report: Texas will not trade with Deshawn Watson, if requested

Report: Texas will not trade with Deshawn Watson, if requested

Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans
Cincinnati Bengals vs Houston Texas

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Texas is not waiting to see if it is a quarterback Deshawn Watson Trade asks. They are preemptively putting out a word that Watson will not be trading.

John McLean of The Houston ChronicleHowever, even if Watson asks for a deal, he is “not going anywhere.”

It’s an extreme position for the team to take, which leaves the franchise with little room for maneuver when it comes to dealing with the franchise midfielder. It could also lead Watson to view the team’s clearly leaked position as a challenge, making him more likely to prove he can get his way.

McLean says Texas is not “foolish enough” to trade Watson. But what is more foolish? Barter it for a potentially plethora of recruiting options from the highest bidder or flatly refuse to trade a player who makes clear that he wants out – and who may be willing to engage in a battle of wills that includes, for example, boycotting all voluntary off-season training and generally not acting like access Early on, staying late, holding his teammates accountable, and semi-member of the department that midfielders should be in?

If Watson shuts down and does the bare minimum until he gets what he wants, that’s not good for anyone. Ultimately, Texas will be forced to do what they currently claim they will not do.

two years ago, Antonio Brown He eventually tweeted his way out of Pittsburgh. last year, Stephon Digges He achieved it in Minnesota with just one post on Twitter. If Watson, who has been willing to express his opinion, does so at the end with a public request for a change of venue, how can Texans say that he “will not get under any circumstances” what he wants?

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So why do you say that? Perhaps, Texas she Foolish enough to think it will work. Most likely, Texas is trying to ensure that if they exchange Watson, they will not simply give it up.

But here’s the thing: If they announce Watson is available, Texas can simply sit back and wait for shows to pile up, because they will. The influence that comes from the “we keep” position (For examplePercy Harvin, the Vikings said they “have no intention” of trading) would not be needed.

Even knowing what Watson wants, it’s strange for Texans to draw a line in the sand. Which simply makes it the latest thing Texans have done.

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