Report from Australia, Kiev calls up reservists – Libero Quotidiano

    Report from Australia, Kiev calls up reservists - Libero Quotidiano

    crisis between Ukraine and Russia Do not stop until 36 hours after getting to know Donbass From Russian President Vladimir PutinOnce again, the invasion did not begin. The Kremlin has said it is ready to look for diplomatic solutions, even if it is not clear whether this is a diversion or something well-founded. Meanwhile, Kiev, through the Security Council, called for a state of emergency in the country, indicating that an attack might really be imminent.

    A dramatic confirmation in this regard comes from Scott MorrisonPrime Minister of Australia, who said a “large-scale invasion” of Ukraine by Russia is possible. within 24 hoursAnnouncing new sanctions against the Kremlin, Morrison said that Russian forces are now “at the height of readiness to complete a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and this is likely to happen within the next 24 hours.” It is no coincidence that Kiev also announced the mobilization of reservists.

    Meanwhile, the Secretary of State also spoke, Luigi Di Maio, which in fact reiterated the absolute seriousness of the situation. “This morning we coordinated with President Mario Draghi on the next steps to be taken in favor of a diplomatic solution,” he said. We are fully committed to the multilateral channels of dialogue. However, we believe that there can be no new bilateral meetings with Russian leaders as long as there are no indications of de-escalation, a line that our European allies and partners have also adopted in the past few hours.

    And again, speaking of the current crisis, Di Maio added: “We condemn Moscow’s decision to send In the territories of the two breakaway republics, a group of troops with peacekeeping missions is the same. It’s a gesture that risks exacerbating an already very tense situation. I remember that the Russian presence along the border with Ukraine is estimated at 170-190 thousand units “.” At the press conference, Putin said that he recognized the claims of Donetsk and Luhansk regarding the entire territory of Donbass, beyond the Russian-speaking component is present in the region and thus includes the areas currently under the control of the Ukrainian armed forces, and also demands recognition of the illegal annexation of Crimea. This dual development is likely to Paving the way for a large-scale military operation Russia in Ukraine ”, concluded grillino.

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