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Rep. Kinzinger criticizes Trump and his fellow Republican in the House of Representatives for denying election loss: ‘It’s sad’

Rep. Kinzinger criticizes Trump and his fellow Republican in the House of Representatives for denying election loss: 'It's sad'

Representative Adam Kinzinger called out on Saturday President Trump Republicans in the House of Representatives who support his “crazy conspiracies” and deny that he lost the election to the elected president Joe Biden.

The Illinois Republican has particularly targeted Trump’s accusations that the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI “should be ashamed” of not joining him in some way to question the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Representative Adam Kinzinger, R from IL.

Representative Adam Kinzinger, R from IL.

“Oh my God. I’m trying to burn the place on the way out because you can’t afford to lose,” Kinzinger wrote on Twitter. “No evidence, nothing but your outrage and crazy intrigues. Embarrassing. #RestoreOurGOP. “

Kinzinger, a veteran of the Air Force who served in Congress for 10 years, criticized his Republican colleagues for trying to force debate on election fraud on January 6 when Congress approves Biden’s electoral college victory, accusing them of only trying to raise money. .

Trump meets with members of Congress planning the Electoral College protests in January. 6

“All this talk on January 6 from Embed a Tweet Kinzinger tweeted: “They will raise money and gain followers by blaming everyone else who knows very well that they can’t do anything.” “It’s sad, and an utter hoax.”

Kinzinger got a backup from Michigan Representative Paul Mitchell, and he isLack of affiliation“With the Republican Party regarding Trump’s ongoing allegations of election fraud.

“It’s a scam of epic scale – hundreds of millions have been raised,” Mitchell wrote in a tweet about Trump’s continuing fundraising. “And if you look at the subtleties – nothing will happen Embed a Tweet Majority legal funding to the new PAC. A non-profit organization has been formed to recruit others from his followers. Cheated! “

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Meanwhile, an increasing number of Republican lawmakers in Congress intend to veto the endorsement of Biden’s victory on January 6, according to Representative-elect Marjorie Taylor-Green, Republic-Ja.

This long-running effort is designed to force a protracted debate about election fraud and respond to the concerns of al Qaeda, which believes, without evidence, that the elections were stolen.

The Trump campaign continues with challenges in the election less than two weeks away from KEY JAN. 6 history

Congressional rules require a member of the House of Representatives and a Senator to simultaneously challenge the state’s electoral list when they come together on January 6. Green said that some senators have joined the House, though she has refused to mention them publicly.

The group intends to challenge the electors of at least six states – Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada – and all of Biden’s states. This would force a two-hour debate on election results in each of those states and then a vote to accept that state’s electoral roll.

Green said Republicans who did not support the effort would face consequences at the polls.

Green, a hard-line supporter of Trump, told Fox News on Saturday: “Anyone who does not take to the plane to stand up against a stolen election and defend the voices of the people should answer their voters in 2022.”

“What most long-serving Republicans do not realize is that over the past four years, Republican voters have become loyal to Trump and the” America first “agenda. These Republicans will find themselves in a new reality in the next cycle.”

She encouraged her colleagues to consider the evidence they plan to present about voting irregularities in these swing states. So far, there has been no evidence presented by the Trump campaign of any systematic fraud that would upend the election results.

“The republican base is now divided, and the vast majority are loyal to the leader who defends the people and puts the Americans first,” Green said. “This is what the Americans have wanted for a long time. This leader is President Donald John Trump.”

Andrew McCarthy: Trump’s efforts to reverse Biden’s victory in the Supreme Court is fatally flawed

Trump repeatedly claimed he defeated Biden and claimed there was widespread voter fraud. But countries abided by their findings, and courts have dismissed Trump’s legal claims in dozens of cases. Attorney General William Barr, who has since resigned, said last month that his Justice Department had not seen fraud of the kind that could tip the election.

In addition to the Electoral College winning the votes of 306 to 232, Biden won the popular vote with more than 7 million votes.

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