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Renzi in Saudi Arabia reveals himself: Beware of lobbyists that specialize in diplomacy

Renzi in Saudi Arabia reveals himself: Beware of lobbyists that specialize in diplomacy

But really salamelecchi Matteo Renzi a Mohammed bin Salman Should they be brought back to the vulgar corruption we smile from? Renzi’s appearance in Saudi Arabia, hastily dismissed by the large press as an episode of political folklore, proves ConsistencyAnd not greedy. Convincing himself of the tradition of re-admitting the quasi-king of Saudi Arabia into the international forum, in which Mohammed bin Salman is a victim of the plague (even European leaders avoid approaching him in order not to be portrayed with him) seems to be a gesture of friendship and respect in line with Middle Eastern tendencies of Florentine.

Renzi really believes, or prefers to believe, that Mohammed bin Salman is “a bulwark against Islamic extremism”. It was actually given An equally enthusiastic qualificationAnd the “Great statesman” to another dictator Who fights “extremists” and “terrorists”, they are the Muslim BrotherhoodEqually brutal methods: Sisi. Sisi allies and Mohammed bin Salman are other friends of Renzi, Netanyahu and Mohammed bin Zayed, the strongman of the United Arab Emirates. Among the lenders From the Renzian Open Foundation.

What is the common denominator between the three Arab strongholds? They are all sworn enemies, not just gods Muslim BrothersIndeed, any democratic opposition or opposition simply threatens or criticizes them. They exercise ultimate power through torture chambers, Like their Iranian opponents. It’s not as compact as a fitting lobby, but it definitely pRepresenting a strong supply chain, adding massive availability to Petro Dollars Saudis and Emiratis, (Israeli) surveillance tools, think tanks in cultural schools, access to media associated with the Western Right, and contact with large companies (primarily oil) that are themselves influential in politics and publishing. Renzi did not choose his friends by chance.

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Nothing excludes his beliefs are not opportunistic. But certainly in defense of Sisi and Mohammed bin Salman, Renzi takes a view completely alien to any honest liberal: if any. Swears With those cruel rights who consider human rights a game for the idiots. Renzi’s self-mask revelations did not affect the Italian media, as his convictions were reactionary ideas of many ideological identities and she often appeared dressed as Harlequin. But it is at least a stranger That no one is simply asking, from a “national” angle, if one need not be careful with those who gravitate towards international institutions that act as foreign policy agents, let alone propaganda and manipulation.

Roughly speaking, that’s the problem Which he brought up eleven years ago Foreign affairs. The American magazine appreciated the countries they entrusted to companies Pressure The task of protecting and promoting the national interest with unscrupulous practices would be unwise to assign to embassies. And it is very likely that in the meantime, if not their number, the number has increased Foreign affairs Then he called “Privatize diplomacy, With an increasing influence on the way the United States conducts its foreign policy ”(since clients are always governments, it is perhaps more accurate to speak of the relativity of sovereignty).

The contracts commonly used define lobbying activities using the formula “identifying interest groups allied with the client and coordinating their support”. Finding allies and coordinating with them does not necessarily mean buying: everyone who enters the network is supposed to get AdvantagesNot the least of which is becoming a member of a strong and branching partnership.

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The reliance on lobbying firms is clearly paying off. Otherwise, we will not understand, for example, why the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates on the one hand, and Qatar on the other hand, paid more than a hundred million dollars to American lobbyists for the sake of Discredit Opponents, subscribe to the strictest confidentiality, first and foremost United States of AmericaPoliticians, companies, academics, opinion leaders, diplomats, presumed spies. These activities are clearly clandestine. But sometimes a news leak occurs that lights up this mysterious world.

For example, two years ago, Consulum, which works for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Hong Kong government, set up a project to “rehabilitate” the international image of General HaftarThe crimes that the International Criminal Court has begun investigating, and presenting them as the only solution to the Libyan crisis.

The project was later abandoned for reasons not specified by the consul, and the project was entrusted to a British diplomat on temporary leave (not just anyone: Deputy Head of the Africa and Middle East Bureau at the Foreign Office). Being To the draft he wrote about Eye of the Middle EastThe possibility of involving 22 influential subjects (“ stakeholders ” in the text) was studied, including two ministers at the time in office, a brigade who was an advisor to the Ministry of Defense, four parliamentarians and eight well-known journalists. The media (Economist, BBC, The Times). Haftar may have subsequently switched to another lobbying firm, like his opponent al Serraj (The Tripoli government paid Mercury US $ 2 million in an effort to ease Trump’s animosity.)

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If the US foreign policy is affected by foreigners, as he claimed Foreign affairsCould something similar happen, even in the micro, also in Italy? This is not about indulging in ConspiracyTo suspect Renzi of carrying out a conspiracy outside Europe beyond the end of the Conte government 2. But it is time to ask ourselves whether we risk discovering the relevant parts of our sovereignty. Overseas glimpseAnd not only in traditional places (Washington, Frankfurt, Berlin).

Also for this reason, it would be advisable to pay attention to some banking games, in addition to ours informationsAs global pressure has no difficulty finding willing partners. The issue is current, and the ongoing negotiations to form the new government will affect the external defense sector.

One of the few advantages that could be recognized in the Conti 2 government was Weirdness For lobbyists and capital relations. It would be sad to discover that the new executive branch would offer some parties the right to return spokesmen for some of the greats Companies How boring international supply chains can be.

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