Home Top News Renishaw technology is helping the UK Ineos team move forward

Renishaw technology is helping the UK Ineos team move forward

Renishaw technology is helping the UK Ineos team move forward

Sir Ben Ainsley and the UK’s Eneos team have secured a place in the World Cup Final in Prada America, which begins at 1 pmThe tenth February.

Ineos UK will compete against Italian team Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli for the center of the match in the Copa America event against defending champion Emirates Airline New Zealand in March.

Team Ineos sail in the UK in the AC75 “Britannia”, which is a 75ft mono hull, built and equipped with the best British technology.

As the official additive manufacturing (AM) partner and the team’s precision metering partner, Renishaw helped build the technologically advanced vessel and provided her engineering expertise throughout the project.

Renishaw AM’s support included optimizing structural components to create lightweight yet robust solutions. He also provided expert advice and equipment in the areas of location sensing, manufacturing process control, and Raman spectroscopy.

In the last race that confirmed Ineos Team UK’s place in the Prada Cup Final, Britannia ran into trouble with the “Cunningham” which allows the sail to change shape during the race and is a prime place for the boat to operate.

“The guys did a great job getting us all the way and winning. With Cunningham’s problems affecting us mainly downwind. [Mon] Sir Ben Ainsley, Skipper and Team Director at INEOS TEAM UK, explained that our master sail cutting machine has done a great job trying to keep us supported.

“Renishaw’s console was put to the test when problems arose with the Cunningham team,” said Finlay Evans, Technical Director of Renishaw’s Cunning Products Division. “Bleddyn Mon’s hard work with the custom console that helped us design and manufacture really contributed to the hard team victory to qualify for the Prada Cup Final.”

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