Renault, here’s the new Clio: it’s getting really bad

    Renault, here’s the new Clio: it’s getting really bad
    Restyling-Renault-Clio-fifth generation-solomotor

    With around 16 million units sold in 33 years, the Renault Clio is undoubtedly one of the luckiest models in the history of the French brand. The fifth generation continues to set itself apart by getting really big

    Renault formally presented New restyling Renault Clio, which takes it one step further by proposing a new style and a more stable front-end. Also, under the hood is the engine E-Tech Full Hybrid technology Which promises affordable driving fun for everyone 145 hp power and up to 93 g/km CO2 emissions.

    True to the philosophy of “evolution and revolution,” the new Clio now uses the never before seen and perfected CMF-B platform which are designed to allow the use of the latest generation electrical and electronic architecture, and thus integration In the model range is famous for the latest technological developmentstypical of high-end models.

    there French city car Submit a Advanced light design which will find space on other Renault models: the two vertical elements at the ends of the nose form two halves (so to speak decomposed) of the Renault clatter While in the center of the new grid we find Nouvelle’R logoIt features an embellished design and a “brushed satin” finish.

    From this redesign that also relates to Taillight graphics with a translucent effectThe French manufacturer is expecting a lot, but we’ll have to wait until September before seeing it on the road. On the other hand, orders will be opened at the beginning of May, a date when the currently unknown prices will also be reported.

    Fixtures and interiors

    As for the fixtures, they first appeared sporty Alpine spirit It features some external aesthetics, including the i 17 diamond rimsand through specific equipment inside, including i Sports seats and aluminum pedals. The engine range has not changed, you can choose between Gasoline, diesel, LPG and full hybrid.

    The interiors maintain the previous setting, but now offer a higher level of finish and greater concern for the environment. in setting Technique In fact, a fabric composed of 60% of Tencel fibreswhere it first appeared in the automotive sector and was produced starting from Renewable energy (Wood) and renewable cards for all operations.

    Behind the wheel, you discover many innovations in terms of ergonomics, controls and human-machine interface. Devices use one 7 inch or 10 inch screen with dedicated graphics, while two new screens measuring 7 inches (for the R & Go sound system) or 9.3 inches for theEasy linkswith wireless connection to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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