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Remo is a darling of Australian football thanks to his friendship with his neighbor

Remo is a darling of Australian football thanks to his friendship with his neighbor

Trieste From the home in Isola d’Istria shared with Nino Benvenuti in the 1940’s to the Australian stadiums, darling Serie A, the Mariners amulet and, above all, an inseparable friend, guide, mentor, 24-year-old Ruon Tongyik’s shoulder, who, thanks to him too , He managed to change his career as a footballer, and came back to win the team of Gosford, a city located 80 kilometers north of Sydney. A mixture of affection, sympathy, and wisdom MorbinAnd theThis made Remo Perttu a familiar face in the Oceania League, so much so that he drew cameras during matches and sparked the curiosity of journalists So much so, that Sydney Morning Herald, one of Australia’s oldest and longest-running newspapers (founded in 1831) dedicated to him an article by Vince Rogari titled “How an 82-year-old Neighbor Helped Serie A Defender Find His Weight”.

Remo Pertot and Ruon Tongyik, the great friendship of Istrian exile with Trieste in his heart and the footballer

The story of Remo and Ron is, in fact, irresistible because it is beautiful. There is no better adjective to describe a friendship that was born by chance, and which has managed to overcome all norms. There are no differences in age and origin in this matter: only love for football matters. And in a world devastated by epidemic and crisis, where the ball is sometimes a carrier of anger and racism, rather than healthy principles and good morals, it can only rip a big smile

Mr. Remo, 82, an exiled Istrian, first went to Trieste and then landed in Australia in 56 to search for his fortune, and Ron, born in 1996, Sudanese-Australian soccer star, born in a refugee camp in Ethiopia: they got to know each other when the player moved to Gosford, more than a year and a half ago, to start playing for the Central Coast Mariners. He returns home in a quiet area of ​​town and finds himself as a neighbor, Berto – a huge fan of sailors, but above all an enthusiast and always an expert on football. 24 hours is enough and friendship breaks out. Perttu is the one who knocks on the boy’s door to introduce himself, even as a fan of the team, and he’s struggling a bit with the team’s not-so-impressive results. From there begins a certain relationship, which Tunchek explains affectionately himself: “I moved to Gosford without friends, without parents. With Remo I found a second family: he is the best person I have met in my life, my best friend, an extraordinary man, with an encyclopedic knowledge of football, an extraordinary humanity, as well as a wonderful life story.

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In fact, Remo Pertot’s story is nothing out of the ordinary. Born in 1938 in Isola d’Istria, where he spent his childhood and early teens playing football and wearing (albeit for a short period) boxing gloves with his friend and roommate Nino Benvenuti, who would later become a great hero, moving in 1950 with his family (with His mother is from Trieste, his father is from the island and his older brother) is in Trieste, “at the Hotel Impero. We left Istria because we could no longer stay there, and we did not want to stay in Yugoslavia, in Tito, he explains. For us this was a great pain. We loved Isola, we loved Istria, but we couldn’t stay. ” Then the Trieste years, with the school in Opicina, in the children’s village, and walking in the square of UNITA, in the square of Oberdan, on the road to Udine; Memory of Chilean, the Americans and Piccolo (“El Picio,” ciamavimo»). “Triestina matches in San Saba. I always went there with my uncle Gedo – he says. Triestina was in the top flight at the time, with Sørensen, Nuciari and Valenti: Show. I am watching it until now, and I know that I am in Siri C. ” Bertut, when he thinks of his land, is a river of flood. Instead of answering the questions, he would constantly ask them, a little in Italian and a little in an accent: “But what does Triest look like now? Do people live there well? But are you still feeling nervous on the border? So what is the feeling of going to Slovenia right now? But do people always speak Trieste? But is Cattaruzza Bar (on Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi) still open? But did you know that in San Giacomo he summons many people?The curiosity and desire to collect any kind of information is evident, even if he has returned here twice, in more than 60 years (the last six years), also because three of his cousins ​​live in Trieste. “Trieste is wonderful, she was always beautiful and I am happy “Because people are living well. I’m fine in Gosford, but I miss Italy.”

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For him, his relationship with Trieste ended in 1956, when he immigrated with his family to Australia. There he discovered a great passion for music and became a professional. “Thanks to the accordion, I have met many famous people. I also made a great movie with Walter Chiari, I played with Tony Bennett and also for the champions of the 82nd Spanish national team, when they came to Sydney at 83 for a big event: I was sitting at the table next to my nation, a great athlete. ”

Then a meeting with his wife Rita, of Chinese descent, a chef, and the birth of his twenty-year-old son Valentino. Friendship with Ron, “a very good boy.” And “work” alongside it: advice, encouragement, advice, being on the field. As Tunchek says, “Thanks to him and the calm he gave me, my performance on the field improved. Also for this reason, Remo is now the darling of the team and the fans. I think our story is a beautiful story that we tell, today more than ever: Beautiful things do great good.”

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