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Release date pushed back to 24 hours after publication – Nerd4.life

Release date pushed back to 24 hours after publication - Nerd4.life

Splitjet, an interesting online shooter, was Delayed 24 hours after publication. The game was expected, in version 1.0, on July 27, 2021, but the beta phase revealed some problems and the 1047 Games team decided to postpone it. Exit date Until an unspecified day in August 2021.

Splitgate, as mentioned, is a first-person shooter that offers portal-based gameplay that allows you to move from one point to another instantly. In recent days, the game has been broken into by players and server They began to suffer the consequences. Instead of addressing the situation during the launch, the team preferred to postpone the release date of version 1.0 to August.

Splitgate combines FPS and Portal
Splitgate combines FPS and Portal

In the meantime, anyway, the Trial version It will still be available and players will be able to continue their Splitgate experience. The developers also shared the results of the beta: The game ranks first among free Xbox games, is trending on PlayStation, on Steam and peaked at 15,470 concurrent players on Steam according to SteamDB data.

Ian Proulx said, CEO of 1047 Games In a new statement. “With the sharp and sudden increase in the number of players trying to access servers, we have to solve countless technical issues related to this insane level of growth. We have worked hard to deliver a high-quality game and experience. And our challenge is even greater. It is simply to have enough capacity to serve the entire community. “.

In fact, Splitgate got over 600,000 downloads in less than a week from the Open Beta.

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