Release date in Italian, banner, Genius Infokation and all the news –

    Release date in Italian, banner, Genius Infokation and all the news -

    Today Hoyoverse presented the upcoming news on Twitch for Genshin effect with the’Update 3.3 scheduled for early December. This is an update that Bel Paese players are eagerly awaiting, as it will offer a lot of desirable things Translation in Italian. First details revealed on the card game Genius Invokation TCG (“Invokatione del Genio” in Italian), new banners with Tramp, Faruzan and more. Below, you’ll find a summary of the key changes and the official update trailer.

    Genshin Impact 3.3 update is titled “Clarity of Senses, Void of Existence” and will be available starting from Wednesday, December 7, 2022. Between one novelty and another, as per tradition, Hoyoverse has shared three new promotional codes to get 300 Primogems for free and more.

    Version 3.3 will include new story missions, continuing the story of Sumeru and starring Scaramouche, now known as the Tramp.

    One notable new feature is the permanent submission of TCG Genie protest, Genshin Impact’s trading card game that allows you to challenge NPCs from Teyvat and other players online. Let’s read the official description with some details about the rules:

    Genshin Invocation TCG combines the combat elements of Genshin Impact with the creation of strategy, allowing players and NPCs to duel with the cards they have won.

    In Invitation of Genius, the player must defeat all of the opponent’s character cards using the normal attacks, elemental abilities, and triple element of their character cards. To ensure victory, it is necessary to use the correct cards in A to trigger elemental reactions and apply positive effects. However, Any of these actions usually consumes a set number of initial dice for the corresponding base attribute, making the dice rolled at the start of each turn another important variable. Players will be able to claim more cards and animated skins from the Card Shop.”

    They will also be added Two new sets of artifacts with unique capabilities. The two-piece Desert Wing increases Anemo’s damage, while by four it increases the speed of normal attacks and the power of all standard attacks (normal, charged, and from above) upon successful charged attack. Instead, the Lost Flower of Heaven increases elemental mastery by two, while boosting by four the damage dealt by Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon elemental interactions.

    There is no shortage either New banners and remodeling. In the first phase of the Genshin Impact Update 3.3 lifecycle, the Wanderer banner and the Arataki Itto reboot will be available, both of which will include Faruzan. But in the second stage, it will be the turn of the banners of Raiden Shogun and Kamisato Ayato.

    tramp He is a 5-star character for the Anemo item and uses buffs. His fighting style relies on long-range blade attacks from the air. With the elemental skill, it enhances normal attacks and activates various buffs, and it also allows The Wanderer to fly for a short time, which will certainly also come in handy during exploration. Its Elemental Blast is a high-damage area-of-effect element.

    also Farouzan He uses the Anemo element, but is a 4-star character who fights with bows. Her Elemental Skill enables charged attacks, which also create elemental vortices that draw enemies in. Hit targets are also highlighted and take additional damage from Anemo when attacked by teammates. Using the Elemental Burst, the character creates a device that moves across the battlefield following a triangular-shaped path, dealing elemental area damage and also reducing enemies’ resistance to the Anemo.

    L’The main event From Genshin Impact Update 3.3 is “Akitsu Kimodameshi”, based on a kind of test of courage in the forests of Inazuma, where ghosts have been seen. There will be many mini-games, which include Primo Games, Crown of Insight, various items, blackberries, as well as the 4-star sword “Tokapo Chigurh”.

    Other scheduled events are “Through the Wilderness”, with time challenges all over Tivat; the updated version of “Windtrace”, a multiplayer event based on hide-and-seek; “Midsty Dungeon: Realm of Sand”, featuring combat challenges set in small dungeons in the Sumeru Desert region; Finally returns “Leyline Overflow”, which guarantees double rewards from Leyline deposits.

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