Reggio Emilia – Martina Ricciotti

    Reggio Emilia – Martina Ricciotti

    Dear readers, this is an official invitation to participate in the upcoming International Children’s Festival in Reggio Emilia, a large free party for girls and boys aged eight and over that will take place from 12 to 14 May. This year, in addition to the monasteries in San Pietro and the Civic Museums, we will have at our disposal a theater, a foundry and … a stadium! So grab a pen and paper and start making appointments you don’t want to miss.

    You can choose between: Oprah comes straight from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Stadium happened to interview an astrophysicist; a museum where you can learn how to turn a T-shirt into a poster; Comic and writing workshops. meeting on the right to freedom of movement; A workshop to create an electronic music orchestra with fruits. An event on artificial intelligence. an interview in English with a famous writer; a dancer and a baritone playing with dancing, singing and nursery rhymes; a giant crossword puzzle to solve all together inside the monasteries; Party in the square with singer Detonella Biaga. We’ll also talk about pocket money, Tunisia, tips for saving the planet, and much more.

    Don’t miss it, the festival is the right place for those who are looking for a matrimonial.

    International at Reggio Emilia 2023: Program.

    Embarrassing Moment / Funny Pictures
    By Christina Portolano

    On the Cover / Quick, Run!
    Think, United States

    On the cover / Because We Like a Little Fear
    The Conversation, UK

    Comedy / Children of the Moon, episode n. 5
    Written by David Morosinotto and Beatrice Galli

    Japan / Lost and Found
    Lomond, France

    Tips to save the planet
    by Eleonora Digano

    Via questions/school bullies
    By Claudio Rossi Marcelli

    Cartoon / artificial intelligence
    By Recoquillé and MC Squirrel

    News / Mathilde changed
    Today, UK

    News / Shipwreck in Calabria
    by Annalisa Camilli

    International children in Reggio Emilia
    12, 13, 14 May 2023

    Science/Let’s talk about acne
    Frontiers for Young Minds, Switzerland

    Test/find out which archipelago you are

    How to become an opera singer

    Game / How to make a racing car
    Biscuit, France

    Comedy / My Story
    By Merscheid and Davies

    Technology / Android Answers
    Albert, France

    Sport/Queen of Chill
    Dean Spiegel, Germany

    Sports/Revenge Mixed Teams
    by Giorgia Bernardini

    How to become an editor

    Questionnaire / Cousins

    Keeper/Training Undercover in Kabul
    By Ibrahim Norouzi

    Philosophy / Why do we travel?
    by Ilaria Rodella

    Chat with / Anna Waltz

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