Redfall: Jason Schreier shares some thoughts on the issues with the game and exceeding 60 FPS

    Redfall: Jason Schreier shares some thoughts on the issues with the game and exceeding 60 FPS

    Redfall It’s recently suffered a couple of nasty marketing jabs, first with a gameplay video that didn’t capture the title’s capabilities and then announcing that, in D1, it wouldn’t be possible to play at 60fps on Xbox. Now, the known Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreyer We shared some interesting considerations on this issue, which transcend technical boundaries.

    It all started with a tweet from Schreier, in response to an ad No 60fps In Redfall on Xbox at launch. Schreyer wrote, as you can see below: “I think Redfall is interesting, but in between this [ndr, intende la mancanza dei 60 FPS]And PR/marketing decisions and the release date (four days after Star Wars and ten games before Zelda), it actually looks like Bethesda wants to stop the game.”

    In fact, we remember that Star Wars Jedi Survivor will be available on April 28, while The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom will be published on May 12, while Redfall will be released on May 2, 2023. Schreier also remembers that Zelda’s history was known months before Redfall was announced, so Bethesda was able to make accurate decisions. Schreier explains, in response to a user, that while the type of audience that might be interested in Redfall (a co-op shooter) is different from Star Wars and Zelda (single-player action adventures), what matters most is interest in different games in publications and social media. society during that period. Redfall risks being overshadowed by the videos and discussions of the other two games (which are part of well-known IPs, we might add) and not going viral. Without these payouts, it would be difficult to capture the interest of the many gamers who rely on Twitch and the effectiveness of the games to decide what to do (see the case of Among Us).

    Schreier explains that, too marketing side It fails to clearly present Redfall, sometimes pitching it as a single-player video game and other times as a co-op title. Furthermore, he criticizes IGN USA’s gameplay video saying it made the game look worse than it actually is, without blaming the magazine: he claims that IGN USA is made up of capable people and there are many reasons why players may not perform. It was equally thought that Bethesda had not prepared the reporters for what to do in this sequence of gameplay. It’s Bethesda’s marketing mission to make sure gameplay video is impactful, after all. He also adds that Xbox does not make certain decisions, since Bethesda has its own PR / Marketing department and in this sense has a lot of autonomy.

    Overall, there is a lot of hate towards this gameplay video, as we told you.

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