Redfall: Arkane has revealed the duration of the main campaign

    Redfall: Arkane has revealed the duration of the main campaign

    Arkane Studios revealed Duration to RedfallHow long will it take to reach the end of the game? According to what the developers announced, to reach the end of the main story it will take 20 hours. Of course, by devoting yourself to secondary tasks and activities, the game time will grow exponentially.

    The information was provided by the Creative Director Harvey Smith In an interview with Wccftech magazine, he explained that the 20 hours is only related to the main story, but there are many secondary contents to consider.

    Smith: “It will take longer for most people, especially those who build shelters and nests and explore the whole world.”

    Smith did not quantify in any way Extra hours of secondary content, but we imagine that it will not be few and that it will be possible to easily pass thirty hours of gameplay or more.

    To give an idea of ​​the scale of the game, Smith revealed that most Play So far seen taken from the first two large open areas that will make up the game: Redfall Commons and Burial Point.

    Also consider the possibility of playing with four different characters, each with their own abilities, a possibility that will inevitably increase the playing time for those who want to try them all.

    Summing up, it looks like Redfall will offer a total of dozens of hours of gameplay, net of promised updates that will arrive in the future.

    For the rest, we remind you that Redfall will be released on PC and Xbox Series X and S on May 2, 2023. Prior to the acquisition by Microsoft, a PS5 version was also in development, and then it was cancelled.

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