Redfall: 60 FPS mode shown on the packaging, label warning of shortage

    Redfall: 60 FPS mode shown on the packaging, label warning of shortage

    strap Redfall for Xbox Series X | S Shows that a file exists 60fps mode, which as we know will not be available at launch. How to solve this problem? with Absence warning label From this method, what are the questions.

    The image, posted by journalist Jez Corden, is funny, interesting, and terribly controversial at the same time, given that the lack of a 60fps mode on the Xbox Series X | S it should be. I reported late Compared to printed packaging for retail copies of the game.

    Or it is possible that one version of the shell, the one that accurately reports the presence of a 60fps mode, was chosen in light of the moment when that feature would be available; Put a piece in the meantime, literally.

    The funny emergency procedure was also most likely implemented because Microsoft has been around for a few months under the magnifying glass by international regulators due to Activision Blizzard’s acquisition bid.

    In a similar scenario, an accusation False advertising It couldn’t have helped his situation at all, on the contrary, it was also likely to end up in the document formally submitted by the Capital Markets Authority yesterday to prevent the operation.

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