Red Dead Redemption 2 fans are discovering “amazing” details years after its release

    Red Dead Redemption 2 fans are discovering “amazing” details years after its release

    Red Dead Redemption 2 It is still a game that a large number of fans love and they continue to do so Find goodies of all kinds Many years after its release.

    A Rockstar title set in the Wild West (you can make it your own on Amazon) has always had a special place, especially in the panorama of open world games.

    Considering that an actual (completely unofficial) Red Dead event is taking place this summer, this goes to show how massively popular the game is.

    Now, as I also mentioned before GamingBibleLooks like a fan has noticed A detail of the game that was so well done that it still surprises todayafter years of release.

    A particularly observant player has actually identified other impressive details in the open world Red Dead Redemption 2 Which you may have missed, an important discovery animal game.

    Interesting detail: Predators can be seen flying away with their prey.Post a user reddit Zeezuu02, along with a shot of a bird flying away with a poor snake in its clutches.

    Other players also shared amazing moments from the wildlife they witnessed: “Isn’t it incredible? I saw an eagle dive into the water and fly a fish!”.

    Oh my God! Details of this game amazing»added the author of the original post.

    Meanwhile, others have pointed out that birds carrying their prey serve a function other than being pretty to look at. User Grichardson526 wrote: Shooting hawks carry snakes A good way to get 3-star Snake skins».

    Staying on the topic of discoveries, a few weeks ago player Red Dead Redemption 2 You notice small details related to horses in the game After about two thousand hours of playing.

    But that’s not all: other fans have instead found cut content from the Rockstar game that is very important to the main story.

    Finally, popularity RDR2 It’s increased even more in recent weeks, but that doesn’t seem to convince Rockstar to dump the franchise.

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