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Record revenue in the last fiscal year, here are the bestselling franchises – Nerd4.life

Record revenue in the last fiscal year, here are the bestselling franchises - Nerd4.life

publisher Take two Unveiled Financial results For the fiscal year 2021 ending on March 31, 2021, revenues reached the figure Record $ 3.37 billion. The scores driving NBA 2K21 and Grand Theft Auto Online, were also backed by Playdots, Social Point and WWE SuperCard mobile titles.

NBA 2K21 exceeded Take-Two’s expectations by selling over 10 million copies, as the franchise as a whole boasts 2.3 million unique players daily. The publisher expects growth from the upcoming NBA 2K.

Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto 5 numbered 145 million Copies have been sold, Which is five million more than in the third quarter. Its Grand Theft Auto Online showed a massive increase in player numbers in the fourth quarter.

Both NBA 2K21 and GTA Online saw a significant increase in player recurring expenses Accurate transfer, In a certain period. Bear in mind that small transactions contributed 68% of revenue, so they now make up the majority of Take-Two’s balance sheet. Other successful games are Red Dead Redemption 2, which sold 37 million copies, Civilization 6, which sold 11 million (a whopping sum for the 4X ed.), PGA Tour 2K21 which sold 2 million, and The Outer. Worlds, which managed to sell more than three million copies.

Here is a list of the best-selling publisher perks of all time:

  • Grand Theft Auto: 345 AD (GTAV: 145 AD)
  • NBA 2K: 111 AD
  • Borderlands: 70 m
  • Red Dead Redemption: 60 PM (RDR2: 37 PM)
  • Civilization: 57 AD
  • Bioshock: 37 m

In its report, Take-Two has given the pandemic a major role in the current fiscal year results, and thus expects a decline in the following year, as it expects revenues between $ 3.14 billion and $ 3.24 billion.

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During this fiscal year, Take-Two plans to release 21 new games, including four core experiences: one is NBA 2K22, and the other belongs to a popular franchise, plus two. New IP addressesOne of them is from Gearbox (Borderlands Studio). Among the other games there will be ten titles Free to play For mobile, OlliOlli World was released under the Private Division brand and the PS5, Xbox Series X and S versions of GTA 5.

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