Record-breaking Italy: double the growth in 2022 of France and Germany

    Record-breaking Italy: double the growth in 2022 of France and Germany

    Italy, a record number in 2022

    We are preparing to close a record 2022. Despite high inflation, rising energy costs and a boom in raw material prices that have created many problems for households and businesses, in the past 12 months (Q3 2022 compared to Q3 2021), Italian economic growth has been Double that of our main business activity compared to competitors located in the Eurozone. Indeed, if in our country GDP increased by 2.6 percent, then in Germany it grew by half (+1.3 percent) and in France even less (+1 percent). Also in the same period, the Euro19 average rose by 2.3% (see chart below). In short, we have “beaten” everyone this year, proving that we have succeeded in leaving the pandemic crisis behind. Of course, 2023 will be a difficult year: in fact, a very worrying wind of crisis is blowing across Europe. However, with an economy that has certainly strengthened in the past two years, we should have fewer problems than others facing this new adverse scenario. According to the CGIA Research Office.

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