Recognized thanks to a birthmark on the neck

    Recognized thanks to a birthmark on the neck

    He disappeared three years ago in the north California It was found more than 1,126 km from the house, in Utah. It’s the story of Konerjak Oswalt, the boy of the day 19 years He suffers from autism spectrum disorder.

    Found in the cold: “He was walking around with a shopping cart”

    The Boy He was found after being stopped by the police Park City, Utah: Several reports reached the police station and warned of a young man who had been driving a shopping cart for weeks near a gas station. there police He stopped him after a night in the cold and invited him to warm up inside the car. The young man had been arrested several times in the past but did not want to reveal his identity.

    You know thanks to the “birthmark on the neck” described by the mother

    To get acquainted with it, consult the site “Customer”.National Center for Missing and Exploited Children“And I came across a photo of Connerjack Oswalt, who was reported missing in September 2019 from Clearlake, California, northwest of Sacramento and about an 11.5 hour drive from Summit County. The photo looked like a boy, but to make sure it was critical. mother’s certificate Which stated that the boy had a noticeable birthmark on his neck. The police found a certain mark in the boy as well, after which his stepfather met him and found him personally and confirmed that it was Konerjak Oswalt.

    The Konerjak family moved from California to Idaho Falls, Idaho, after the boy’s disappearance. According to CNN reports, the young man is receiving treatment and assistance and has not yet returned home.

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