Recent scientific discoveries that will change our lives but no one knows about

    Recent scientific discoveries that will change our lives but no one knows about

    Recently, some amazing discoveries have been published about which little is known, but which promise to change the future.

    to understand the importance of technological innovation is enough Look Back: Sometimes, you just need to go back a decade to understand the tremendous privilege of living in this era. It seems that social networks, for example, have been around for many decades, and one could say that they have always been a part of every human being, because without them communication or work is not possible. However, the famous big explosion of social media exploded just a decade ago.

    The main scientific discoveries of 2022

    Here are the new scientific discoveries that will change the life of every human being. Every generation has it It has a slice of human intelligence at its disposalEvery generation hoped that something beautiful would come from great scientists and engineers. Now it is up to a new generation to carry on that hope.

    The Greatest Discoveries of 2022: From Nuclear Fusion to Artificial Intelligence

    Covid-19 has disturbed everyone in the world, but it has not stopped technological progress! Between 2020 and 2022, the epidemic has brought together many continents, so that they can realize the biggest dream, Any vaccine. Only the year 2022 would have been celebrated The end of the epidemic and the beginning of a new era did not betray expectations. The past year has given the world some discoveries of historical significance.

    Scientific Discoveries of the Year 2022

    Certainly one of the most revolutionary discoveries in the long run is nuclear fusion. The US Department of Energy has revealed to the world the first big step taken by a team of scientists, who have managed to generate more energy than is used to catalyze the fusion reaction. More precisely, during the experiment, they consumed 2 megajoules of energy, and subsequently received more than 3 megajoules. It is clear that this great result will not lead to the creation of a nuclear fusion plant in a few years, but it should be considered as a big first step that will bring humanity closer to the realization of its greatest dream, which can actually be realized in a few decades.

    In addition to nuclear fusion, the year 2022 was marked by artificial intelligence, notably with ChatGPT, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, and MidJourney AI. They are really amazing The progress made by artificial intelligence in recent years. It has even been used in many board games, such as Diplomacy, which is a very complex strategy game. Also on this occasion, the AI ​​passed the test, even managing to lie and betray other players.

    Also in 2022, NASA managed to “move” a small asteroid with a probe called DART, That literally crashed on the little rocky body, with the aim of shifting its orbit and moving it. For the first time in history, humanity has the power to “move” a celestial body and, at the same time, change the course of history. Why did the course of history change? Because if an asteroid targets Earth and is ready to destroy humanity, humans can “move” it and thus avert disaster.

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