Rc Auto, Poste Italiane rewards those who ask for a quote

    Rc Auto, Poste Italiane rewards those who ask for a quote

    The competition with petrol coupons is available to all customers who request a TPL quote from the Post Office by March 31st. Discounts are activated as well.

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    A rather generous period of initiatives for Poste Italiane which, after a cash payment program designed for BancoPosta and PostePay customers, serves to provide incentives for the TPL. The proposal, in this sense, takes the form of a competition. That is, for those who request a TPL Auto quote, the possibility of winning petrol coupons can be realized. Kind of a prize game at its core, Aimed at adults Membership is limited to those who have a document that expires during the competition period. Petrol vouchers will be recognized as participants appear as contractors of the “Private Driving Policy” for the ANA segment of cars (for private use).

    Therefore, the prerequisite is that the policy is about to expire. At this point, the car owner will be able to request a quote from Poste Italiane through the “Private Car Policy” service, at any post office authorized to sell the relevant product. From that moment on, you will be, in all respects, a participant in the competition for petrol vouchers. Keep in mind the deadline for requesting quotations, which is March 31, 2022. After this date, it will not be possible to reach the competition.

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    Rc Auto, free petrol coupons: how the competition works

    Once the deadline for the request for quotations has been passed, Poste Italiane will list the recipients who, by the date, have requested a quotation in accordance with the competition rules. For the purpose of extraction even if the taxpayer Must have requested more than one quotation On the same board, only one will be considered. In addition, each participant can be drawn only once, as a winner or reserve. The winners will total 1,500 people, and the drawing is scheduled for April 30th. The proceedings are supervised by an official from the Chamber of Commerce or a notary. Each winner will receive a prize of €50, which will be sent via email, to the address provided at the time of ordering.

    Poste Italiane, New Bonus Launches: A Gift Coming to Customers

    From that moment on, Poste will hold a period of 6 months to submit the award. Specifically, it is a fuel voucher used for your vehicle, regardless of opening the insurance contract. On this front, RC Auto from Poste Italiane is part of the Poste Guidare Sicuri program, aimed at all holders of driver’s licenses. The policy will provide protection for claims Because of an expired driver’s license or vehicle inspectionProvided it does not exceed 120 days. Furthermore, for those who sign the contract by April 30th, they will enjoy a free month of coverage, plus 10% discounts if they are Poste account holders. 7.5% less is provided to those who have a postal book and 5% to other customers.

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