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Rare Video Games Worth Thousands of Euros: Check Now!


In the world of collecting, it is impossible not to mention video games. There are some worth thousands of euros

rare video games
Rare video games, some worth a lot (Pixabay)

Among coins, stamps, sneakers, video games, etc., the . file collection world It is constantly being updated and more and more fans are willing to spend mind-boggling sums. More and more rare pieces that – for one reason or another – are also valid Tens of thousands of euros.

They are certainly among the most prosperous and famous markets coins and stamps, But there are also many other things that should not be underestimated. Among them specifically rare video games, with a few circulating copies that are no longer circulating for consoles. Some special titles have come It costs a lot of money. Check the list now!

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Rare video games, here are some of the most valuable

Super Mario
Here is a list of some that are worth more than anything else (Pixabay)

Let’s start with the 2006 video game which is among the rarest but not impossible to have in your collection: rose base. This is a horror title released only for PS2, which can sell for $ 500 EUR. There is also for vintage lovers amazing tatter, It was released in 1991 and is available in very few copies worldwide. Among the rarest video games, you can find them on Ebay a 1688 dollars.

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Another interesting title is Shantai For Gameboy Color, released in only 25,000 copies that can be auctioned up to $2100. Also featured in the list Harvest Moon and the Moon Smash Crew, surely among the most unobtainable that can also be spent on by the most passionate people الأشخاص 4000 dollars. Now let’s move on to the big shots. Super Mario Bros From 1983, one of the first video games of the saga and one of the most “old”: if it sold at the time for $50, today you can find it on Ebay at 30 thousand dollars.

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