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Rare smartphones, these vintage models are worth a lot – the full list


Even rare smartphones are truly part of the collection process. There are some highly sought after things that deserve treasure

rare smartphones
There are some rare smartphones that are worth a lot of money (Pixabay)

The collection world He knows no more surprises. Even in Italy, every day there are dozens of new ads related to the most diverse. From classic coins to rare stamps, through smartphones, records, vinyls, sneakers, etc. There are some features that they do The skyrocketing rise in their values.

Today we are going back to talk about it rare smartphones, which are entered by law into this world for some very high values. We are talking above all about the most unobtainable devices, or which have characteristics that are now lost. Check out this list now, if you have one you can take home a nice nest egg without any effort.

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Rare smartphones, are the most in demand

rare smartphones
Here are some of the most requested: Full List (Pixabay)

We mainly talk about sold parts In the early nineties. Rare smartphones are obviously hard to find, but they deserve crazy numbers. The advice is to have a look at this list right away, especially if you have some old models at home. Ericsson T28For example, you can sell it for 100 euros. same value for file Nokia 8810, while the legendary 3310 worth 150 euros.

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Always 150 euros also for Motorola Razr V3.0 NS startak, while Colonel Nokia E90 Communicator Ranging from 200 to 500 euros. Let’s talk about Nokia 9000 Communicator, which can be sold for at least 500 euros. Then it rises to the top 3, with Mobira Senator 1000 Euro l’iPhone 2G from 400 to 1000 and Motorola DynaTAC 8000 X A 1000.

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