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Ranking of the 10 most influential athletes on social networks in the world (where Ronaldo was not the first)

Ranking of the 10 most influential athletes on social networks in the world (where Ronaldo was not the first)

Simone Biles has been named a queen The most influential athletes in the world in 2021. The gymnast – who moved the world for choosing not to play two finals in Tokyo 2020 due to a mental breakdown due to stress and strain – has won the SportsPro Ranking on The 50 most attractive athletes to social media audiences around the world. Besides the American, two other sports champions: Naomi Osaka – The rising star of women’s tennis – H Ashlyn Harris, One of the most famous American football players in the world. Sixth only Cristiano Ronaldo, the true king of social networks if you only and exclusively look at the followers from the top of his site 335 million fans on Instagram; Before the Portuguese too Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez (IV) And the Juventus striker Paulo Dybala (Fifth). Even among the top ten are Lionel Messi (12), Roger Federer (13), Lewis Hamilton (16) and LeBron James (24). The The first (and only one) Italian in the ranking is Valentino Rossi Which ranks 29th, right before Stephen Curry (30) and Neymar (31).

SportsPro’s listing illustrates a shift in athletes’ marketability beyond reach and engagement. Fans want to connect directly with athletes on social media, beyond leagues and teams. When athletes are authentic and well known, they are able to connect more deeply with their fans and followers. This is what brands should be looking for now: honest support and a listening audience. Reach and presence are ideal for assessing ad spend, but athletes are already our most valuable influencers.” Tom Kohr, Chief Marketing Officer, Die GreenflyThe social media agency that collected data for ratings.

The list of the 50 athletes was compiled by analysis User base and participation The total of the four major social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. By combining the total number of shares, followers, and likes across the four platforms with fan engagement, the percentage of female, millennial or “Generation Z” followers, and the ability to question fans on topics and issues beyond the respective sports. in order.

Here are the top ten places in the ranking:

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1. Simone Biles (Artistic Gymnastics – USA)

2. Naomi Osaka (Tennis – Japan)

3. Ashlyn Harris (Football – USA)

4. Canelo Alvarez (boxing – Mexico)

5. Paulo Dybala (Football – Argentina)

6. Cristiano Ronaldo (Football – Portugal)

7. Ali Moharib (Football – USA)

8. Stefanos Tsitsipas (Tennis – Greece)

9. Novak Djokovic (Tennis – Serbia)

10. Alex Morgan (Football – USA).

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