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Rambini Kiss Fides: “The left is the millionaire star party, it is no longer credible” (video)

Rambini Kiss Fides:
Monthly national precedence over newsstands

ROME, May 4 – In the general debate, it was The Fidesz affair (This already speaks volumes on the level of Italian political debate.) Whatever the case, you might as well get into the case Federico RambiniHe, however, broadened the rhetoric, wasting little time on the miserable person of Federico Lucia, also known as Fidesz. Also because it is during The Fourth RepublicAnd the Nicolas Burrow He has openly asked his guests to rate the rapper’s status as “a new hero of the left.” Rambini wasted no time, plunging Fides into a more general direction: “I’m so perplexed about that derivative, Visible in the United States as in Italy, which has an extension Leave To become Celebrity Party Entertainment Stars Party».

Artist Compliance

In short, to a reporter Republic From the United States, as well as the author of the handbook Left nightThe problem is much broader: “Let’s take a look at Oscars Nights, Which became a series of political rallies, from Politically correct indoctrination sessions. The world of art, entertainment and sports – with football celebrities numbering millions of dollars – is lining up, predictably, and pressured in favor of ImmigrantsFrom the battle antirazzismoOf rights Gay, To fight against Climate change“” Rampini continues, rightly broadening the view beyond Fidesz. “I see two problems. First, We have to stop saying that these artists are extremely brave. In fact, since everyone in this world believed the same thing, he is now one Matching shape. Then I can also share these values, but don’t tell me the same courage as Pasolini, who may have lost his life for being gay. It was another Italy and the prevailing values ​​were completely different then. ”

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Rambini defeats Fides and the left

The second point? Moreover, the Leave To become a star party, a celebrity, is not noticed Lose credibility Towards what should be his popular base. Neither in the United States nor in Italy, as is the policy entrusted to it Billionaires As a spokesperson for the left. Just think about what happened in the US Democratic Party. In the introductory stage, the star scientist cheered for female candidates, blacks, homosexuals, etc., but in the end the belly of the Democratic Party and the African American community was crucial to a victory. BidenHe is a moderate white man. ” In short, for Rambini, the problem is not Fedise, but rather the entire world of entertainment that is highly compatible and completely disconnected from reality. Who knows if the fans of the left Viragnes will realize that.


Vittoria Fiori

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