Home entertainment Rakuten TV offers the widest free music show in Europe

Rakuten TV offers the widest free music show in Europe

Rakuten TV offers the widest free music show in Europe

Rome – podium XITE It is now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Rakuten TV in Germany, adding the most innovative experience of video song To the already extensive catalog of music contents available in the section Free from the platform. Rakuten TV, one of Europe’s leading VOD platforms, is achieving that More than 95 free linear channels To satisfy everyone’s tastes. XITE joins a huge music catalog that users can already find on Rakuten TV, with the best content on channels like Billboard, Latido Music, Baeble Music, Clubbing TV, Qello Concerts, Stingray Karaoke, Stingray: Hot Country, ClubbingTV, Qwest TV Classical, and Qwest TV Mix, Stingray: Soulstorm, Stingray: Hitlist, Stingray: Classical, Stingray: Greatest Hits and Qwest TV Jazz.

XITE offers a Line Music Video Channel With 24/7 music videos in Full HD quality, curated daily by XITE’s team of music experts. There is always something new: from the latest videos to the best emerging artists. XITE will be part of the local programming available in Germany.

This acquisition is part of the company’s strategy to introduce The highest quality content Also locally, with European partnerships with leading content creators and media groups, thus ensuring a more interactive and engaging experience. The ad-supported model is an alternative for audiences looking for a TV experience with all the benefits of digital viewing. Increased implementation by AVOD and FAST model viewers expands the possibilities of interconnected TV campaigns, allowing investors to reach audiences that spend more time in OTT video entertainment environments. Ad-supported music streaming is another opportunity to expand this model even further. Rakuten Advertising leverages a powerful set of data to allow publishers to access the Rakuten TV catalog they expect to access. 1.5 billion impressions within end of 2021.

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Linear channels are currently accessible for free on the Rakuten TV app for Samsung and LG Smart TV devices. More than 50 global channels are part of the catalog available in 42 European countries. The rest of the programming includes the local channels that differ in each region, thus offering the most exciting entertainment with a wide range of different categories. Users can easily access the application with a single click of the dedicated button on the remote control and the pre-installed application. The ad-supported Rakuten TV service is constantly evolving, with expansion plans to enrich the catalog and user experience even further.

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