Rain, floods and freezing weather: bad weather holds the UK back. Video

    Rain, floods and freezing weather: bad weather holds the UK back.  Video

    Heavy rain firstwhich caused harm e floods In different parts of the country, then A wave of cold and snow: the United kingdom It has been in the grip of bad weather for days now. The extreme events began over the past weekend, when heavy rain first triggered alerts and then flooding in various areas: in particular affected the city of YorkWhere part of the center ended up under water. Flooding also occurred in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

    Bad weather in the UK: the risks

    After heavy floods, the UK was hit by a cold snap: Yesterday Temperatures in Scotland dropped to -10 degreesSnow fell in Northern Ireland and an ice warning was issued for southwest England due to cold weather and rain expected. to me Guardian reportsThe UK’s Health Security Agency’s Head of Extreme Events, Agostino Souza, said: “Frost can have a serious impact on healthEspecially for the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions.

    Frost Warning: “Don’t Travel”

    The weather conditions were so severe that the authorities in some areas called citizens in Travel only when “absolutely necessary”. Numerous warnings of adverse conditions have been issued: weather forecasts speak of heavy snowfall over large areas of the country. In the meantime, it remains in effect Several warnings of possible floodingto underscore the risk that the worst is yet to come for the UK.

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