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Rai license fee for smartphones and tablets: There is a risk of an earthquake

Rai license fee for smartphones and tablets: There is a risk of an earthquake

In this special and complex “historic moment”, listening to the proposal, which was received by the Oversight Committee on Rai, certainly does not make many users jump for joy. The possibility of linking fees to smartphones and tablets was also discussed.

Rai fee
Rai fee

Rai Group CEO Carlo Fuortes’ suggestion makes us think During one of the last meetings of the supervisory body.

In view of the significant losses that our state television is recording in terms of revenue from license fees, the latter is expected to be extended again With a “one-time” payment formula For every family, including AI Tablets and smartphones.

As it is currently known, fees come Charged on the electric billThus, Rai had to set a minimum treatment for those who “ignore” paying the license fee.

Rai license fee: big losses for state TV and payment plan

This is not the case, the facts tell us a different reality. For RAI, revenue was More than 792 million euros This leads to a demand for immediate government intervention. as it’s known, Only those who prove that there are no televisions in the houseAnnual fees for fees can be avoided.

Fortes was straightforward, according to his point of view in light of the position he held. The Rai Company must be treated. for this reason Proposal to extend fees on mobile phones and tablets. As if to say: everyone will have to pay the fee, there can be no family that does not have a TV or a smartphone at home. If there are any of these families, They count on the fingers of one hand.

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Proposal to extend payment for multimedia devices, surely, in these complex times, He did not and will make the citizens jump for joy. But it seems that Not even a large part of the political class, regardless of party leanings, would agree to Fortes’ proposal.

According to RAI executives, a solution plan must be found to compensate for the recorded losses. In addition to Obviously, state TV can also be watched while broadcasting, on the above devices. There would be no other solutions on the horizon, if not those related to expanding the spectrum of payments, extending it from TV to mobile phones, even tablets.

€90 a year, as reported by Ray, represents one of The lowest shares ever among the state televisions of the countries of the Old Continent.

On the basis of current legislation, the assumption RAI license fee She is the possession of the TV in the house. Those who do not have televisions (there should be no television in the family, where they live or in second homes) Can escape the fee by submitting an alternative declaration of no detention to the Revenue Agency. Fill out Part A of the form.

Charges associated with smartphones and tablets: a new blow to the cleaver for citizens?

We reiterate that each household, which also includes individuals, is required to pay the fee only once, regardless of the TVs in the house. This also applies to any second homes.

This principle should remain the same even if the proposal for smartphones and tablets is “passed”. Always one yearly fee, which will include all available hardware.

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The Northern League, in particular, strongly opposed. Especially since, in their opinion, this means Sink your hands more in the pockets of the Italians.

Citizens are already being harassed due to an unprecedented crisis, Sharpened in no uncertain terms by Covid which is another blow of the cleaver for the serenity of users.

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