Rai license fee, fine of 600 euros: here who is at great risk

    canone RAI

    The RAI fee is a tribute that no one likes but non-payment can cost you dearly if you try to evade it.

    RAI license fee

    There are some categories of users who do not have to pay a RAI fee but there is also the risk of being fined up to €600 if they pretend to belong to these categories.

    The rai is a cross for many Italians who associate it with the national radio. But, contrary to what is believed, not all of the money that is asked of us with every electricity bill ends up in Rai’s coffers, in fact the Revenue Agency keeps a portion equal to about 25% and feeds some national funds.

    But this awareness did not improve the Italians’ relationship with the law. However, if you try not to pay it by declaring that you belong to one of the categories that are examples, you should know that checks run and you risk being fined or imprisoned.

    Rai fees for those who do not have the right to exemption there is also prison


    The fees, which we all find in the electricity bill after the repair required by the Renzi government, cost each user 90 euros per year. However, there are some categories that they have The right to exemption. With the current legislation, I Diplomats Which army Aliens, accomplished people 65 years They have an income of less than 8 thousand euros per year and those who are in a position to use residential electricity but He doesn’t have a TV.

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    But if it is easy to control who belongs to the category of foreign diplomats and military personnel, then in other cases to obtain exemption it is necessary to submit an application and sign some documents.

    Documents that someone might think they want forgery They may declare that they do not have a proper system for receiving radio and television signals at home. However, Guardia di Finanza implements a series of checkups And if irregularities are discovered, there is a risk of having to pay 6 times the total amount of rent And so it passes From €90 to €540 In addition to interest and arrears.

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    After making incorrect statements, there is also the possibility of error Two years in prison for false ideology. While you may not like the fees, because the programming on the rai probably isn’t that important, the €90 cost is a lot less than the €540 and certainly less inconvenience than having to defend themselves against an accusation in court.

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