Home sport Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer’s view of the US Open

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer’s view of the US Open

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer's view of the US Open

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer’s view of the US Open

Roger Federer – Photo by Ray Giobello

Two heroes, two old rivals, good friends. Once upon a time, the most common prediction that could be made was when Rafael Nadal NS Roger Federer were present at the tournament, and it was at any point of the same that they would cross; It often happened in the finals that made the history of the sport (12 times in the ATP Masters 1000, 9 times in the Majors). But increasingly, due to the new occupied arrangement, clashes occurred in the previous rounds. So far, as time progresses, unfortunately we find ourselves having to wait for confirmation of their participation even in one of the most important tournaments on the track. first leg match Flushing Meadows The tournament is approaching, as the tournament will be on the starting line on August 30th. However, it is not certain that either hero will be involved.

Roger Federer, the five-time title winner (last in 2008 against Andy Murray) recently blew out 40 candles. Suspicions and doubts about his retirement are fueled by persistent physical problems which, combined with a forced shutdown due to Covid, have made him lose speed and intelligence. The Swiss, despite reiterating the fact that he has not made a decision on his retirement, has played only 14 matches this year; He returned to stun only at Wimbledon, where he advanced to the quarter-finals before a miserable defeat to Hubert Hurkacz. Previously, the main goals were the English championship and the Olympics, which he had to give up again. Chances of seeing him on the pitch very early in the United States are remote. This is keeping in mind that slams now deserve attention due to their importance in terms of stats, records and glory.

Rule Rafael Nadal In terms of position, he is on the wrong line with Federer’s: Majority takes precedence. Mayorcino, after the amazing fight he lost in the semi-finals of Roland Garros to Novak Djokovic, decided to take a break. A bit of a surprise at both Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics. It is possible that behind this choice, strange for a competitive athlete such as the 20-time winner of the Grand Slam, there was already an onset of injury. Now, however, the discomfort of his left foot was so significant that it weakened him in the City Open matches in Washington, and then forced him to disqualify himself from the Toronto Championships; Main events in view of the US Open. The next few days will be crucial to understanding his future, with 1000 Cincinnati Masters likely to be crossed off his list, so as to attempt a full recovery in light of the current real big target.

It is now necessary to take into account the material conditions in order to compete at the highest levels. These are two crucial weeks for Rafa and Roger, now as never before sharing the same desire and ambition to get back to the top level. The goal is to try again to pass the time, the only enemy that unfortunately cannot be defeated.

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