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Radio after the events of Washington

Radio after the events of Washington

The attack on the Washington Congress, in light of the endorsement of Joe Biden’s election as President of the United States, left everyone in disbelief.

A story that dislodged everyone, and above all the media that had to run an event that was more unique than rare on the evening of January 6.

Celebration day and time (evening for Italy) Few broadcasters were allowed to cover what was happening instantly, If not in news spaces.

Radio Rai 1First and foremost, he once again emphasized the ability to live and carry on the story of American saga all night long.

It became an attack on the conference as a result Most commented news At the opening of all radio broadcasts in the morning.

Whoever did it through media, who gave a satirical story to the story and who opened the news and then diverted attention to other issues, as it really should be, Based on the “nature” of the issuer itself.

Sure, in our “micro” data, we can see this from the FM-world app data, Radio Rai 1 They have been the most followed anchors all night (with much above average connections) and still are, with 8.30am being the latest update.

In a world increasingly rich in media and devices, Radio asserts an important role when people are “hungry” for news.

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