Rabona Mobile reassures retailers with a message: “Rabona is in excellent health” – MondoMobileWeb.it | News | telephony

    Rabona Mobile reassures retailers with a message: “Rabona is in excellent health” – MondoMobileWeb.it |  News |  telephony

    default operator clients Rabun Mobile I am now in The third day without an internet connection, while they could not send outgoing SMS for about a month. waiting for a possible solution, The company decided to reassure its dealers through one Email communicationwhere Rabona still claims to be working out the shortcomings.

    As already said by MondoMobileWeb, starting From the morning of April 12, 2023 Rabona Mobile customers and the second brand Welcome!?! They can’t surf the internet. This is harm Added the number that has been in effect since mid-March 2023 and which does not allow customers of the virtual operator to send SMS messages to other numbers.

    So, At the moment, the only services that customers of Rabona Mobile and the second brand Si Pronto can offer are calls onlyincoming and outgoing, and Receive incoming SMS.

    So far, the only official communication From the operator regarding the ongoing damages have arrived Yesterday April 13, 2023with Posts on social media in it, in addition to I apologize to customersRabona Mobile claims to be Work to solve the problem as soon as possible.

    What Rabona Mobile said to its sellers

    but, In the past few hours, MondoMobileWeb has had the opportunity to view a message sent today, April 14, 2023, by Rabona Mobile to its sales team.

    According to the sources consulted, it is a An email has been sent to authorized dealersthat have such Goal “Rabona’s inner connections”.

    under the Message text From Rabona Mobile addressed to its sellers:

    dear partner,

    We want to “apologies” for the inconvenience and difficulty you are experiencing right now, and to reassure you that we are working hard to resolve the current issue as quickly as possible.

    We will be keen to keep you informed of each development.

    Note: We assure you that Rabona, contrary to what was reported in the press and information, is in excellent health.

    We thank you again for your patience and the trust you will place in us.



    Therefore, as already done towards customers yesterday, April 13, 2023, with communication on social networks, The operator apologizes to the sales team for the inconvenience caused by the damage in progress, stating that they are working to resolve the issue.

    once again, Rabona did not specify whether or not the problem was of a technical naturebut is careful to point out that the operator “in excellent health”So Denial of any business or economic problems.

    This must be emphasized So far the default operator has not concretely explained what kind of problem it is which does not allow outgoing internet and text messaging, but perhaps Rabona wanted to reassure the sales team about the “correctness” of the company also because Corridor rumors that have been circulating for several days regarding this damage.

    In this regard, both yesterday and morning, MondoMobileWeb had the opportunity to speak with several authorized Rabona resellers throughout Italyand the More urgent sound Circulated among the insiders would be a Rabona Mobile’s Economic Problem Versus Its Complextaking into account similar precedents with prolonged damages due to non-payment of network providers.

    Please remember that Rabun Mobile It is a Virtual Operator (MVNO) providing its services since April 17, 2019 relying on Vodafone Italy network in 2G and 4G through the complex Planetronat a maximum speed of The download speed is 60mbps and 30mbps for upload.

    The operator also uses the second brand Welcome!?!although their SIM cards, although with different graphics and logos, are always those of the operator Rabun MobileWhere the contract is signed directly with the main brand. With rabona and the second brand Welcome!?! You can also use a file VoLTE serviceon some compatible smartphones.

    if yet Rabona Mobile did not want to specify the cause of the ongoing unrestCurrently I am mainly going through uncomfortable Because of this situation she is consumers.

    For this exact reason, I moved today, April 14, 2023 Code Associationwhich demands that Rabona’s customers reimburse them and compensate them for the damages they have suffered.

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