Rabia Malpensa, flights to the UK remain in Linate. Mayors in a revolution

      Rabia Malpensa, flights to the UK remain in Linate.  Mayors in a revolution
    Malpensa Airport
    Malpensa Airport

    Malpensa – they’ll talk about it Tomorrow at City Hall in Cardano al Campo The 9 mayors of the CUV (Confederation of Voluntary Urban Planning) in the region of Malpensa At the meeting He was summoned in the afternoon by the Alternate President of the Consortium, Mayor Cardano al Campo Maurizio Colombo: the subject is the decision taken by the Council of Ministers the other day Linate Airport 1 year extension granted for direct flights to the UK (With Brexit, flights outside the European Union, according to the Del Rio Decree, became allocated to Malpensa.)

    A slap in the face of Malpensa, who, due to the epidemic, has suffered from one of her most serious crises with a 75% traffic drop, A dramatic situation that started slowly but will surely take time before pre-Covid activity volumes are restored. Meanwhile, the signal of relief is coming from summer traffic, and now we are looking forward to the fall with the hope that a payback will be confirmed among operators.

    tomorrow So the confrontation between 9 mayors of the Malpensa region who did not like at all the decision taken in Rome, just at a time when the Varese airport needs to restore traffic quotas and restore functional stability. “We are not really there – says Mayor Cardanes Colombo – as a CUV, we represent the area that coexists with the airport, and we have always expressed our willingness to cooperate, instead we are always isolated. Choosing this cabinet in favor of Lynette punishes Malpensa Which instead needs maximum attention, long after going through a health emergency. Our priorities Regarding Malpensa, as we have been arguing for some time, They are employment, economic development and regional planningThe issues we reiterate need to be discussed by those who decide strictly with the local authorities. On the other hand, he made the decision in favor of Lynette from above without any comparison with the territory.”

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