QVC looks to the future with a strong push on digital technology

    QVC looks to the future with a strong push on digital technology

    QVC looks to the future with a strong push on digital technology

    From TV shopping pioneer to global video merchandising leader

    Milan, June 27 (askanews) – From TV shopping pioneer to global leader in video commerce with a major push on digital. Born in the United States in 1986 as a television broadcaster, QVC owes its international success to its ability to combine shopping with the strong appeal of entertainment and a relationship with the audience.

    Over the course of 11 years, QVC Italia has established an online presence and is highly focused on digital technology. “Digital technology is at the heart of QVC’s strategies – explains Giorgio de Gopi, Director of Digital Store and Content Strategy for QVC Italia – and basically allows you to do two things. On the other hand, to integrate TV, which is our traditional medium, with digital platforms, through QR codes that we have On our live TV, the whatsapp messages we receive live and integration with the world of social media; on the other hand, with the real digital platforms: thus social media and e-commerce where you can find various campaigns related to the seasonality of products and allow you to get information about products in a way Detailed and accurate.

    Today, QVC’s e-commerce is among the most visited e-commerce in the country. On QVC International’s digital platforms, 70% of purchases are made from mobile devices. Evolution through TV, live broadcasting, mobile and social platforms today cements QVC as a global leader in the video commerce sector, pioneering the most cutting edge solutions with the launch, in 2022, of its latest innovation: likeQ. “LikeQ is a live shopping app launched this year that allows you to view a live shopping show and live chat with influencers and presenters, and allows you to purchase products with just a few clicks while still watching the live video of the presentation of the product,” emphasizes De Gobbi.

    With the aim of increasing the weight of e-commerce and offering an increasingly personalized shopping experience, today QVC Italia is launching another great novelty: the Drop Ship programme. “With Drop Ship, we will have the opportunity to sell a whole series of new products that we have not been able to manage until today – explains Paolo Filipin, Director of Oog Merchandising Qvc Italia – we will be able to sell them because they will be shipped directly from our suppliers. A great opportunity to expand our range into categories such as hardware Large, bulky furniture, furnishings, bulky fitness equipment, and even takeaways that need to be temperature controlled to be transported.” Increasingly multi-channel, useful and attractive shopping.

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