Home sport QPR, bond sold out in 10 days: ‘Great result’

QPR, bond sold out in 10 days: ‘Great result’

QPR, bond sold out in 10 days: 'Great result'

The bond issued by Queens Park Rangers has reached its maximum allocation of £6,800,000 in just 10 days, making it the leading online bond in British football. More than 1,500 fans and investors from 38 countries around the world have signed up for the QPR Bond, which was released to fund the London Club’s new training ground.

The proceeds from Sindh will then be invested in the development of the new QPR Sports Center, which is expected to be fully open for the 2023/24 season. The facilities will include three first-team pitches and four youth pitches. The training ground building will house locker rooms, a gymnasium, dining and recreation areas, medical and rehabilitation facilities, a performance analysis room, and a classroom.

Thus, the bonds secured the liquidity needed to complete important infrastructure investment. Is this a process that can be repeated in Italy? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

QPR is proud of one of European football’s most important assets: the Loftus Road Stadium, known since 2019 as Cayan Prince Foundation Stadium. The value of the plant lies in its location within the Shepherd’s Bush neighborhood of Hammersmith and the Fulham District.

In other words, Loftus Road is one of the London stadiums located near the center and heart of the UK capital. One of the very few stadiums in a better position is, not surprisingly, Stamford Bridge, home of two-time European champions Chelsea in the past 10 years, one of the richest and most successful clubs in English and European football.

All of this explains why even the championship team, the English Premier League, could complete an operation of this kind in such a short time. No Italian club can enjoy such an advantage, which makes the potential profitability much lower, especially in the junior league.

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Commenting on the results, club president Amit Bhatia said: “QPR Bond has been a huge success in such a short time. We thought it would be an attractive investment for some, but were overwhelmed by the speed with which questions were asked”.

“The Board of Directors is pleased to welcome the many bondholders. This is a great endorsement of our vision and strategy and we are excited about this upcoming chapter of QPR.”.

James Bullock, Chief Marketing Officer at Tifosy Capital & Consulting, the company that served as an advisor to QPR Bond, commented: “We achieved an impressive result in just 10 days. It is a testament to the support Queens Park Rangers have, and is a tribute to the club’s board and leadership. It was a pleasure working with them.”.

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