Qatargate, Cozzolino plead innocent and waive immunity. Cayley’s lawyer: “Panziri will name other Italian politicians”

    Qatargate, Cozzolino plead innocent and waive immunity.  Cayley’s lawyer: “Panziri will name other Italian politicians”

    Andrew Cozzolino pleaded not guilty to Justice Committee (Jouri) of the European Union Parliament and He formally waived his immunity. During the hearing, he was elected Member of the European Parliament with the People’s Democratic Party.The hypotheses of the investigation were opposed. against who knewSomewhat generalHe then formally denied that he had “received” both directly and indirectly “money and other forms of support, and that he was unaware of the activities of Mr. Giorgi and Mr. Panziri”. The Belgian Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is investigating bribery in the heart of Europe, and is asking to waive the immunity of members of the European Parliament, has reported some of the statements of its former assistant. Francesco Giorgi Especially the passage where he claims to be in “indirectly corrupt”. In one of the first interrogations also the former trade unionist Cozzolino has been downloaded by Antonio Panziri: “I have no evidence, but you should check the current head of the Maghreb delegation,” he said.

    Cozzolino denied all accusations, and also argued in front of colleagues that he did not authorize his former aide to send an email before voting on the Qatar text from his address: “The text of the email,” he said. Prepared and published without my prior consent By my former collaborator Giorgi.” According to the document released by his lawyer, “I voted for the most important proposed amendments to the text that dishonor Qatar’s conduct.” Cozzolino also answered questions about his relationship with Abdul Rahim Atmon, the Moroccan ambassador to Poland and the person designated as the envoy of Morocco in Qatargate. “I know, like many of my other colleagues” and “like other colleagues of mine, I have maintained cordial relations with him. Our personal relations were exclusively personal and friendly. Contrary to press reports, I have never submitted an urgent decision in favor of Morocco.” The only decision I signed on Morocco is from June 2021,” the European Parliament specified.It contained strong criticism of the Moroccan state regarding immigration issuesMEP Andrea Cozzolino, elected in the Democratic Party and now unregistered for the duration of the investigation by the Belgian authorities into alleged corruption aimed at influencing EU decision-making processes, explained to the Legal Affairs Committee that he was “completely in the dark”. of “other activities and interests, of whatever nature.” The prosecutor’s suspicion against him, Cozzolino asserts, “It is based on the fact that Giorgi worked with meCozzolino noted that it is “practice” in parliament to “appoint collaborative staff accredited by co-operation in previous legislatures with other MPs, who are no longer elected or re-elected.” When I hired Georgie, He became famous as one of the brightest young officials in Brussels It can also boast an important network of institutional relationships. Coming from office, Panziri was among the most respected outgoing Italian parliamentarians, having held office for three consecutive legislatures, from 2004 to 2019.

    According to Cozzolino, the EU institutions revealed, in front of “Pressure” to public opinion resulting from the revelations of the investigation, all one’s “fragility” and “embarrassment”. “For these reasons – he said at the end of the statement he made today at the hearing, and which his lawyers released after the hearing – first and foremost to allow as soon as possible and as thoroughly as possible a fact-finding ascertainment, and no less, to relieve you, dear colleagues From the ambiguity of a decision that has weight urgent public opinionIn connection with the fragility and embarrassment of European political institutions, I solemnly announce the renunciation of the parliamentary immunity granted to me by law.”

    Now the plenary session of the European Parliament will have to express itself: it will vote extraordinary session Concerning the Waiver of Immunity of Two Members of the European Parliament Cozzolino e Mark Tarabella Tuesday 31 January. The official announcement came at the conclusion of Thursday morning’s session of the Italian politician. The word will then go to the Eurochamber plenary, which should give its final opinion during the February session in Strasbourg. Cozzolino’s lawyer explained that the decision to lift parliamentary immunity “does not mean that the (statutory) committee or parliament cannot decide otherwise. We will wait for the assembly on the 13th (February plenary), and we have been before the judge since December and we are still ready.” When asked if Cozzolino now feared arrest, the lawyer replied: “It’s a somewhat general and rhetorical questionAre you not afraid in your life that this will happen? It could happen to anyone.”

    Meanwhile, today the lawyer of the former Vice-President of the European Parliament Eva Kyliespeaking on Greek TV Contra, he said: “Letters and news are arriving” that Pierre Antonio Panziri, former penitent in the European Parliament for Qatargate, will “fulfill” Belgian justice.New names for Italian, German, Belgian and French MEPsAccording to the lawyer Michalis Dimitracopoulosafter the agreement as a collaborator with justice signed with the Belgian Federal Prosecutor, Panzeri “Now it is not reliable at all “All he cares about is saving his wife and daughter,” the Greek lawyer added, stressing that “whatever they give him, he will sign.”

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