Putin in Mariupol, a woman’s cry during the visit: «Everything is imaginary! It’s work! ” – video

    Putin in Mariupol, a woman’s cry during the visit: «Everything is imaginary!  It’s work!  ” – video

    Vladimir Putin’s sudden visit to the Ukrainian lands Mariupoloccupied by an army He flies After the large-scale invasion that began on February 24, 2022, he reveals a strange episode. While talking to those presented as locals, a female voice from a distance alerts the men accompanying the Russian president: «It’s all fictitious! It’s a setup! None of those present could pinpoint the point from which the outcry with denunciation had started, showing concern about the incident being ignored by the leader of the The Kremlin. This is not a montage of Ukrainian propaganda, as evidenced by Russian media clips like RIA Novosti And Izvestia (IZ.ru) Share via their official Telegram channels. tax, on the contrary, completely interrupts the scene by deleting it from its audience. A curiosity about the videos published by the three Russian media outlets has to do with metadata. RIA NovostiIt tends, like others who post the original and uncompressed clip from Telegram, to delete all data that allows the origins of the videos to be reconstructed. The file “Путин.mp4” (“Putin.mp4”) is almost completely “clean”:

    Izvestia (IZ.ru) And taxThis time, set March 19, 2023 as the segment creation date. It is plausible that they received the footage in the morning, but they do not provide with certainty the exact day Putin visited Mariupol.

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