Pure madness: You can now buy a drone with a jet engine | Below are the necessary requirements and technical data sheet

    Pure madness: You can now buy a drone with a jet engine |  Below are the necessary requirements and technical data sheet
    Greenjets is the name of the new startup that produces jet engines for drones – ipaddisti.it

    Drone enthusiasts will rejoice: British startup Greenjets has announced the sale of the IPM5, a jet engine intended for drones. What actually appears to be part of the exclusive use of larger vehicles takes on some technical challenges and solves them in a very simple way. We will also soon see the launch of the IPM50 and IPM500, the true small vehicle jet engines.

    Technological innovations that constantly follow one another nowadays never cease to amaze. On the other hand, some time ago, humans had a special relationship with the future. On the one hand, in fact, there is a kind of pessimism about what could actually happen tomorrow. On a technological level, however, optimism is strong in the distant future.

    Simply put, no one thought we’d be able to in the next month Use of flying cars. But we are all sure that this It will happen in a few decades. However, innovation on a practical level spreads in a more tangible way, and practically never stops. Today’s news arrives across the channelMore precisely than Bedfordshire. Indeed, a young British company has put up for sale its own model Jet engine for unmanned aircraft. In short, it is about The same engines we watch under the wings of our planes.

    Drone jet engines, but the goal is to target other vehicles

    Obviously, the power of the jet engine is different from that currently used in drones. The name of this new technological invention IPM5 It is in fact a true gem. Indeed, it is He overcomes some challenges that are considered impossible to circumvent, with the use of a ducted fan similar to that used in aircraft. Despite this, those of Green Gate It manages to fit in size and weight, so you can install everything even on smaller vehicles.

    Will we really be able to fly our cars? – ipaddisti.it

    Other than that, the fan appears more indoors. in this way, Its noise can be reduced And you avoid the hassle that comes with it. However, the startup path also includes landing on larger vehicles, Like passenger cars and flying taxis. The new, more powerful models should be recalled IPM50 and IPM500. In short, it looks like we’ll actually be able to fly our cars, sooner or later. To find out, we just have to wait.

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