Public service cannot ignore’s cultural boundaries

    Public service cannot ignore’s cultural boundaries
    to Aldo Grasso

    A sociology of terrorism professor drama leads to a ratings boost, ends up on social networks, and a relaunch of the program from which they were invited

    From the excitement slip of the prof. Yesterday, written by Alessandro Orsini, Massimo Gramellini, in rhyme. But there is a TV side of itAn embarrassment A story yet to be explored. Briefly summed up: journalist Antonio Talia realizes this in a YouTube video, prof. Orsini quotes a given article William J Broadposted by The New York Times. Orsini also spells the author, AMPIO. From a quick search, it turns out The New York Times Not written by William J. Ampel. Instead, write William J Broad, former Pulitzer Prize winner. In practice, the machine translator has translated the surname Broad into Ampio. In reporting the episode, we focus on the misstep, on the blunder, on the Plata number.

    Thalia, on the other hand, hits the target: if Orsini had no children Cognitive tools To understand what is wrong with machine translation of an article, how would I be able to decode and then explain it Content From the same article? But Talia also poses a serious TV problem. Broadcasters who invite him if they ignore their invitation as an “expert” in global business Someone who is unable to understand an article in the common language of international relations means that he does not know his job. Or: if instead they invite him to science Shortcomings De Orsini is simply in bad faith, and they are doing something that has nothing to do with journalism. In fact, there is a third hypothesis. Television broadcasts (let’s call them, to be general) understand the cultural boundaries of the prof. Orsini and him Pro-Putinism But they call him because of him theatrical an act He increases Ratings end on social media, restart the program. A very serious problem, not related to slips. I’m a problem Public service leadersRai3 management should ask itself as soon as possible.

    Dec 20, 2022 (changed Dec 21, 2022 | 10:09)

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