PS5: Sales rose 300% in the UK in February

    PS5: Sales rose 300% in the UK in February

    PS5 Achieved a very good result February 2023 In the UK, where it is sold 316% more units compared to the same period a year earlier and up 27% from January 2023. This is a plastic demonstration of the commercial potential of Sony’s new console without the inventory problems of past years.

    In general, the console sales It grew by 65% ​​across the territory compared to February 2022 and by 14% compared to January 2023. In total, 143,000 consoles were sold, according to data provided by GfK.

    Looking at the first two months of the year, PS5 sales grew 180% over the previous year.

    Also good Xbox X/Swith sales up 21% compared to January and 15% compared to February 2022. However, looking at the full year, sales were down 5.3%.

    Slow start, however, to Nintendo Switch, whose sales decreased by 15% compared to January 2023 and by 29% compared to February 2022. And given that Nintendo Switch is now practically six years old, this is a decline that we can consider physiological, after several record years. It’s also worth noting that Pokémon Legends: Arceus launched around this time last year, which helped sales tremendously.

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