PS5 Pro: New details in the next two months, says a well-known leak

    PS5 Pro: New details in the next two months, says a well-known leak

    Well-known leaker Tom Henderson spoke again about PS5 Pro During his recent live broadcast, saying that New details On the console they will appear in next two months He added that Sony is also working on other PlayStation hardware.

    As you remember, Henderson announced a couple of weeks ago that the PS5 Pro is in development and will be released in 2024, while the PS6 will arrive in 2028: these are the launch windows indicated by the Japanese company internally, according to the sources of the leaker.

    Henderson reiterated that it is about Two separate consoles And not from the same project, so judging by the first specifications it was most likely rumored Playstation 5 Pro It will try to integrate 4K at 60fps and possibly increase ray tracing support instead of targeting 8K.

    However, the leaker has revealed that Sony is also working on a Other PlayStation deviceshowever, without specifying whether the PS5 comes with the already much talked about removable disc drive that should debut in stores in September.

    Finally, referring to the possible announcement within the year of GTA 6, which in his opinion will only be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, Henderson explained that the news he reports is always verified in some way, whether it’s screenshots, documents or non-disclosure agreements that sources provide to legitimize the information.

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