PS5, even sales by invitation from Sony have very limited stock –

    PS5, even sales by invitation from Sony have very limited stock -

    PS5 It is still unavailable even in an important and sensitive period like Christmas, and it seems even Sales by invitation Organized directly by Sony They can count on it Very limited stock.

    This is revealed by some testimonials that have appeared on the Resetera forum: it is not clear whether the users in question have registered via the form available on PlayStation Direct, and the fact that they have received an email from Sony to participate in the sale PlayStation 5 With a limited number, complete with schedule.

    When accessing the indicated link, a few minutes after opening the session, they noticed that the controllers were already there exhausted, a sign that in this case also availability was very limited.

    “I received an email from Sony yesterday saying I had been invited to an exclusive PS5 purchase event between 8 and 10 a.m.,” says a Resetera testimonial.

    “I opened the page this morning and had to wait for a long time, then at 8 in the morning I was put in a queue. At 8.10 it was my turn to make the purchase, but both versions of the PlayStation 5 were already run out. “

    In short, it seems that even at Christmas, the situation will not change and the PS5 will remain essentially out of reach, with a few drops from the major retailers which, however, expire in an instant, perhaps also due to the bots that are trying against it to legislate.

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