PS Star: Get your own Shūhei Yoshida by playing one of these games

    PS Star: Get your own Shūhei Yoshida by playing one of these games

    Shuhei Yoshida She is a historical figure in the world of video games and PlayStation in particular. In recent years he has been dealing with the indie side of the PlayStation, and even if the opinion of the developers is not always positive in this sense, the manager is highly regarded by the fan base. Now, you can have Shūhei Yoshida handy with a new one PS Star digital collectiblevia the PlayStation mobile app.

    We remind you of that PS star It is a service that allows you to get points by buying games and playing games. Points can be converted into purchases or spent on digital collectibles (they’re not NFTs, mind you). One of the more recent additions is Bubble Head by Shūhei Yoshida. You can see it in the tweet below.

    How to get your Shūhei Yoshida personal digital number? Just play one of the indie video games Yoshida outlined and referenced in the second tweet you find below. This is a space for the unrestrained, before your eyes, worshiping Aries, Neon White, Sifu and Witch Knight. Of course, the game must be launched on PlayStation in order for PS Star to discover it.

    It’s a series of quality games, and if you already own one, then Shūhei Yoshida’s collection is already yours. The collectibles serve no real purpose, of course, but they never hurt anyone.

    We also remind you that Yoshida wants to change the idea that indie games are not welcome on PlayStation.

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