Proteins and the gym: when to take them and not to make mistakes

    Proteins and the gym: when to take them and not to make mistakes

    Nutrition biologist Ricardo Roveda explains how to manage the delicate relationship between this macronutrient and working out in the gym

    Francesco Palma

    The protein They are an integral part of every human’s diet, but in a certain way the relationship they have with those who train in the gym seems almost insoluble.

    Protein is clearly a must for anyone who wants to get better at the gym, but at the same time be present Important rules to follow Regarding quantities and timing, above all, it is important not to overdo it, being careful not to make mistakes that are often dictated by clichés rather than by real need. explain it to Gazette Active The Nutritionist Ricardo Roveda.

    First, because the proteins Important for those who train in the gym?

    Proteins play an essential role in the growth of muscle tissue and in optimizing activity-induced adaptations. So it is important for each of those who want to get a file Improve your physical fitnessBoth Do not lose muscle tissue For those who want to do weight loss activities.

    What is the right amount to take?

    For the average population, 0.9 grams per kilo of body weight is indicated, but protein intake should certainly be increased in those who exercise: in general It is recommended to have at least 1.6 grams per kilowhich can also be increased up to 2.5 / 3 grams per kilogram of body weight, based on training intensity, physicality and characteristics.

    What are the timing and “rhythms” of recruitment?

    Regarding timing, it is always associated with effort, so you need to eat proteins in order to equalize energy expenditure. It can be taken before and after trainingbased on convenience and need. If you are taking it before activity, you must be careful not to eat too close to the effort. Don’t burden yourself too muchSo that it does not affect digestion and does not affect the quality of work. However, if they are set after the activity, it would be fine to do so In the first 45 minutes after exercise“.

    Protein increase

    What is necessary not to exaggerate when breastfeeding according to training in the gym?

    “Basically, when we talk about the gym, we do it exaggeration error Whether in proteins or – in general – in the amount of food. It is true that you should eat more, however You shouldn’t overdo it Beyond the natural “excess”, which otherwise becomes harmful to those who want results if it is not beneficial. The most common mistake is adding more protein It is required, believing that it can help and that without it you cannot achieve the results you want. We often look for foods that are high in protein, especially foods of animal origin: From classic chicken breast to turkey, passing through eggs and egg whites. In fact, a balanced Mediterranean diet for training is more than enough to meet the needs of an athlete who is training in the gym.

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