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Protect our brain and give it the right run with these 4 healthy foods

Protect our brain and give it the right run with these 4 healthy foods

“Dad, have you become an idiot?” It is a classic cheeky phrase from our kids that can make us launch a wake-up call. Even if we don’t feel old, are they right and are we stoned? Many of us care deeply about physical health, perhaps by cycling or on foot. Others train frequently in the gym or play soccer with friends. Our friends play tennis, go to the pool, and do fitness. However, perhaps we think more about the physical form itself and less about the health of our mind. Here’s how to protect our brains and give it the right speed with these 4 beneficial foods.

Fatigue and stress can also contribute

Far from the first joke, in some moments of confusion and lack of mental clarity, perhaps we should take it back to a period when we feel especially tired and stressed. But it is precisely for this reason, thanks to all the gifts of Mother Nature, that it would not be a bad thing not to be unprepared and to help the brain fight it over the years. very prestigious university Harvard, in Boston, USA, has recently made a list of foods specially recommended for the needs of the mind.


Protect our brain and give it the right run with these 4 healthy foods

To reach this important conclusion and thus provide us with the best foods for our brains, it took 20 years of testing on nearly 30,000 people. The research began when the participants reached the age of fifty, and thus reached the age of seventy. Here are 4 aces to play:

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The top of foods but also other suggestions

These four foods we might as well be eating represent the pinnacle recognized by American physicians in these 20 years of long research. But besides these foods, there are other foods that have been proven to be very important for the brain thanks to the nutrients they contain. We refer to blue fish, eggs, dried fruits, salmon, and even chocolate, for example. The latter in particular has shown all its validity if taken before sports or even an intense day of study and work.


Medicine has revealed that this Italian product also helps the brain stay young

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