Project Re Fantasy is in an advanced stage of development, says Atlus –

    Project Re Fantasy is in an advanced stage of development, says Atlus -

    During an interview with 4Gamer, Katsura Hashino briefed fans on her gameplay re-imagination project, a new JRPG based on the Atlus fantasy, noting that It has entered an advanced stage of development.

    Announced in 2016, Project Re Fantasy is an all-new RPG set in a fantasy world, so we can expect completely different settings and themes than those in the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series. The project is in development at Studio Zero, which also includes Atlus veterans such as director Katsura Hashino and composer Shoji Meguro. For now, except for some artwork, like the one below, we still know very little about the game. But that could change next year.

    Official artwork from Project Re Fantasy
    Official artwork from Project Re Fantasy

    Hashino stated in an interview that the development of Project Re Fantasy has experienced some delays regarding the schedule due to some unexpected issues. Perhaps a pandemic is among those, too, but that’s our guess. However, Hashino also said that game development has finally reached an advanced stage. So it makes sense to expect new information on Project Re Fantasy during 2022, perhaps through a presentation with great fanfare.

    In the same interview, Hashino claimed that next year Atlus will implement new projects, which is in line with recent statements by Shinjiro Takata, a product manager at Atlus, who reported that the studio is planning for 2022 a high-caliber game that aims to “become a pillar of Atlus”.

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